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WaltDavis.net provides several documents on the subject of Software Architecture. This is our home page for Architecture; from here you will find a summery of several Architectural Documents.

Enterprise Application Architecture Part 1 - Model Driven Line of Business

Enterprise Application Architecture Part 2 - Model Driven Systems

Enterprise Application Architecture Part 3 - Applications Design Reference Model
Reference architecture for creating enterprise applications layered, responsibility driven design, and service oriented architecture that is domain model driven; model being a technology neutral object model of the business architecture. As a reference architecture it specifies an abstract footprint for application design whereby the product of its instantiation is a design that show the technologies us in an applications and how they fit together.

Enterprise Application Architecture Part 4 - Reference Architecture Design Level Instantiation

Business Model Wrapper Protopattern
How to deploy an object-oriented business model that has no distribution, persistence, and other technologies (a model that is nothing more than technologically dependent upon the language ...

Software Engineering Tidbits
Here you will find several useful bits of information that have been captured and preserved to form a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge. I document quotes from me that are generated by questions from others or in discussing various software engineer topics. This would probably be more appropriate titled Walt's podium or in someone cases others described these quotes as Waltisms.

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